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    HannahMicheau I have conversations with the same people everyday at the coffee shop and I don't even know their names lol
    TheRealThorinK Everyone has an equal chance of turning out to the sink to fill a cup of coffee shop drink size names.
    jayculver1 Instead of these cute coffee shop names with some play on words about beans, I want to see one named "This coffee is F'ing hot!"
    brettclaxton Idea: Create a coffee shop that names everything after conspiracy theory related things. Drink in is £9.11. Latte = Illumilatte.
    ShinigamiAna I want to open a coffee shop where all the names of coffee have angry titles to them xD
    NicholeLianne @ConnorFranta Does one of them include Southwest Nebraska? Because there's a coffee shop calling our names...
    deannaa_bananaa When the coffee shop asks you your names and you pretend to be members of fifth harmony @mallory_hancock
    Theonik2006 I feel like this guy who’s worked in a coffee shop for years only instead of knowing everyone’s names and favourite brew, it is lewd.
    EMCaines @DrewHayesNovels Or thinking up coffee shop names. That was way more challenging than it ought to have been. @VeroniKaboom
    sarahxdwyer if I worked in a coffee shop I would purposely spell people's names wrong just to piss them off