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    froyuh @naznumbers ooh, my college has a built-in costa coffee shop but the supermarkets here have different names! asda is owned by Walmart
    rahaeli @mjg59 I love seeing wifi network names. Ours is "Avengers Tower", with the public wifi "Avengers Tower Coffee Shop".
    spookyqueer @ouijaboardwhore we take names during busy times at my coffee shop too, someone gave their name as Mushroom once & thought it was sooo funny
    pannacida hahah. I don't see my favourite in Bermondsey, FUCKCOFFEE via @infobeautiful
    ForeverNataliaa Who names their restaurant a "Cafe" and doesn't sell coffee? And what coffee shop doesn't have white chocolate mochas? & why so many libs? 🙃
    spookyliz RT @ioegreer: Cheesy Christian coffee shop names: HEbrews Jehovah Java Holy Grounds Fill my cup The Holy Roast
    cntrl83 sitting alone outside a coffee shop, I've decided I'm gonna do an album this summer. Help me come up with names lmao
    dumbmongreldog Naming no names but the coffee shop near my new office is no @GoodBrewsLtd
    robbinblock We need one of these for Seattle via @infobeautiful