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    _adriancstro i would plaster our names on every coffee shop table if you ask me to
    Christopherglaw Today's Annals of Rejected Medical Marketing Ideas: names for the new coffee shop. 1. Grindocologist 2. Primary Care Espresso
    saribear97 Working at a coffee shop means that high school kids are too in depth with their phones to know their own names 😒
    Names_Alyssa_ RT @__taylorr_made: Hampton needs a coffee shop
    ewgrosshaley At the coffee shop and the names they called before mine were Jaymi & Nicky @JaymiDenise @KazerooniN WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN BUT YALL IN EDMOND
    A_Silvers Amazon Prime Music playlist names make me sad. "Coffee Shop Jazz." "Classic Rock Dinner Party." #killmenow
    lit_oblivion @bleep0bleep lol I got one but thank you! Although now I feel like I need to write a coffee shop AU with all these names
    StreetArtCT9 @maryharristw The names are: Kelly from the clothes store Black Deep, 27 Fort Road and Carey from Mala Coffee shop on the harbour arm
    Uchiha__Ashley 📷 jaz-draws-stuff: In Coffee Shop AU Sasuke purposefully writes customers’ names wrong because of his...