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    muahhday Own a coffee shop in downtown Pittsburgh with my pug names Oliver aka Oli aka Olipop
    JimDuncan I get using fake names when registering on my site. But obscenities? That'll make me drive to a coffee shop to delete your account
    cyclemor3 playing with ideas for a cafe/bakery name "something's a-rye" or "ah-rye-tea"... suggest names for a cargo bike coffee shop w rye sandwiches
    SarahJuliusMpls #DreamJob: Owner, doggy daycare / coffee shop hybrid. Possible names: Pups 'n' Cups, Bones 'n' Scones, Fido 'n' Dido | #TeamDog #TeamCoffee
    AronSumalinog Who tf names their coffee shop ":re"
    Biggie_Tears The milk bar/ coffee shop/ corner store around the corner that has to many names and some nice…
    freshcupLondon Baristas. Make the judges feel like they're at a genuine Seattle coffee shop by writing their names on the cup. #WBC2015
    samessenza Photo: Cool Coffee Shop Names Marrickville cafe crawl double roasters
    runawayple but our coffee shop would be dope. Like the coffees are gonna have really funny/weird names like +