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    aquabluejay @JuhllyMBS Also is the coffee shop a Starbucks? Because then you can use the stupid size names Starbucks uses to be extra terrible
    MarY___Yan 제 새로운 친구들이에요😻😻 언니 고마워! My new friends😆 pleeeease help me to give em names!! @ French Coffee Shop…
    alisonbrinkley3 Opens Star Wars theme coffee shop. Names it Jawa Java.
    camie_alexisss *names coffee shop BUY MY COFFEE*
    CopterStetson Overhearing two old trombone players in the coffee shop dishing about all the local muso's- but I can't quite hear any names.. Juicy!
    Ellia_Knight Nerdy coffee shop names go! (And please don't say Java the Hutt)
    Luckynr13_ @hollyhendrix_ they're clearly horrible with names at this coffee shop, my love!! 😂 💕
    beverleywang Listening to names being called out in the organic coffee shop.
    christamelonae coffee shop Taxonomy by name + location in London! #infovizparsons
    CieraLandolt Everyone! Start thinking of coffee shop names so I can steal them. #Notcreative #go #sos