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    bbybryar RT @brianlogandales: We told the coffee shop our names were Peter, Pete, Petey, Peeta, and Pierre.
    StealthisSN Couple in this tiny coffee shop debating if they're secure enough in relationship to put both names on 6year lease is all of us #brooklyn
    lexienoffke The Bitter End is probably one of my favorite names for a coffee shop #GrandRapids
    JeffMcAdams "Grounds for Thought" in Bowling Green, OH...clever coffee shop names will draw me in every time.
    brendonburieto The real hipster test is when you sit in a coffee shop and you know the names of 10 songs that come on whilst you drink your iced macchiato
    Babejake_ Talking at coffee shop* Guy asks my name* Me: it's Jake *Random guy* RG: my names jake 2. Me: nice Jake2: but I'm the alpha LOL okay bud
    paper_walls The coffee shop by gcc north campus has the cutest names for drinks like the beat trap and the pooh bear 😂😋
    slingsbysocial Well this is brilliant. The hidden taxonomy of #London coffee shop names. Cheers @infobeautiful
    giselle_slash @SportsGeekB oh god, it was some fic where B hated S's band and they meet cute in a coffee shop and ofc don't mention each other's names.
    reece_wagner When you start recognising the names of other regulars in your coffee shop based on the name call