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    walkernicolas There's a local coffee shop owned by a couple that have the same names as my divorced parents. Can I sue?
    kennyk223 So another scammer called same time as yesterday It literally sounded like the dude was from like a coffee shop in India changed names too
    ChesterSX @Jozsua_Istvan *sits up on the counter* I always call you names *grin* ... Yeah... he works at the coffee shop down the road... *sigh*
    TedStryker1986 I'm in a coffee shop, I'm well out of my depth. Why can't the drinks have normal names?? Why do people pretend to work on their laptops?
    mamabraidz @burrit0princess @ichbinrachel @Coroweee hi my names ryan and im a princess can i come get coffee n shop i want to play with u all
    Wharriergirl In USA & love them for proudly displaying their flag. Find the quirky business names funnytoo - Whoa Nellie coffee shop Nickabobs Outpost.
    Chronoslinger The girl at this coffee shop trying to explain the names on coke cans to this elderly lady is priceless and precious :-D
    annabananaz25 @anniebuns808 don't worry, when I get coffee at my local coffee shop, I get ridiculous names like "livena"