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    frannej @Kris_Bentley in regards to coffee shop with interesting names.
    sdandvik I kinda want to work at a coffee shop like @Starbucks just so I can butcher people's names on their orders
    aliasangelie Unsay problema sa mga coffee shop rn dna man kahibaw muspell ug names? Hahahahhaha
    estuarylouis @icklouis it was some weird names but incredible iced coffee I got it at a coffee shop on Myrtle beach!!
    Wrattz Hey @RustySue they opened a coffee shop chain in our names!
    lucygrayxxx My looking for jobs went as far as applying for a job in a coffee shop and trying to think of all the names of fancy coffees I've ever drunk
    SanFranRoaster We see all these fun & interesting names for new coffee shops opening. Is there a shop that you love the name & think is the most clever?
    _KayyRene_ @piccolinaxo There's all kinds of names for them too! Oh gosh lol I'd be lost in a coffee shop! 😩 lol
    PanaBrowns I'm starting a list of punny church coffee shop names. Submit yours here! I'll start it out with the iconic "He-brews." #ChurchCoffee
    EdFunderburk What are the best church coffee shop names you've seen or heard? Here are my three favorites: Jehovah Java, He Brews, and Holy Grounds :)