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    gelectabuzz All my coffee shop names (as of 11-24-14): Jed Jen Jet Jhel Jill Vel
    annmayhew Coffee shop job commences. (Don't ask re: alarm names. The stories are not as interesting as they…
    dicoffeeshop Some people believe that choosing coffee shop names idea to be one of the easier parts of starting a company.
    kennydude @kirstylouwho and then they shout the names out too and it's just incredibly awkward :/ My uni's coffee shop is better :D
    mikewilltweet @Neil_Irwin @DanFosterType Don't move to Mexico City, guys. Common use in coffee shop names!
    ericanutella a coffee shop that's also a bar..names??
    deftlyinane Dilworth Coffee sues Dilworth Espresso because names.
    deena651us @steveutt which coffee shop is this names pls So I can go there in my next visit 2 home ❓
    CarleyRaeK People who complain about coffee shop employees spelling their names wrong are the most annoying type of people.
    ConnersJamie RT @PaulLawriegolf: Feel free to continue with possible names but we like Clarets coffee shop