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    chanurlacher If I worked at a coffee shop I would purposely spell girls names as wrong as they can possibly be spelled.
    wistyloony @pakbhs One park, one friendly tea shop, one local cuisine restaurant, one coffee shop and one pub. Names.
    MidUlsterGarden The guys in the coffee shop managed to find all these staff names in their last delivery! Perhaps they will find...
    KshireT_Under_B I would hate to work at a coffee shop, just because I know I'd not be able to hear names and I'd just write the craziest stuff on the cups.
    attucus Names for a hypothetical comics-themed coffee shop: GO!: submitted by JeffRyan1 [link] [2 comments]
    JenaLCarter Kicking ass and taking names on a Sunday morning. Jk I'm at the coffee shop.
    PikaCutiePie I make my own coffee at home to many names going to a coffee shop trying to get one
    ArabellaCadiz I want to open a really angry coffee shop called I’m Not a Morning Person and name all the drinks really angry names.